1.  Drop-in session –. To help with interpretation and translation services of those who are unable or struggle to comprehend and fully understand their key correspondences from various services they utilise in day-to-  day basis.The team’s local and cultural understanding of the community and their particular challenges will facilitate to offer appropriate sign posting to services they need and where to get it.

    2.  Adult English and numeracy classes: Specifically target adults to improve their Basic English and numeracy skills. These English classes range from entry to intermediate level and focus   on the social and practical areas of life, featuring subjects. While the numeracy skills will focus more practical and day to day application of additions, subtraction, multiplication and division              functions.

    3. Children after school and weekend learning support sessions: GSG provides teaching and learning support for school age children who are not able to get adequate help at school and at home. Individual tailored lessons are provided to primary and secondary school-age children who will benefit from extra tuition in reading, writing and/or maths.

   4. Youth sports activities: Organise regular weekly recreational and sports activities to the youth, encompassing youth from grade school, middle school, and high school ages and adult  recreational program.

   5. Conversation Café: This is to help to supplement the conventional English classes and is meant to provide additional opportunity for members to practice and improve their English. These are informal, friendly and relaxed sessions that help service users to interact and integrate into the local community.

   6. Employment Skills provision: This is done through combination of different forms, language skills course along with ICT, CV and Cover letter writing and job application skills. This will be              employability skills focused with the flexibility to demands of job markets and specific needs of the youth by supporting on their journey to employment. Activities include literacy and  numeracy booster sessions tailored towards employability needs to small group